Tuesday, 17 September 2013

The scribe stirs

It has been a while dear reader, far too long! And that without an explanatory word as to my absence. For this, my apologies. Much has happened in the meantime, both personally and professionally. Not to be making excuses but I had to stop some activities to achieve a sustainable pace. The blog suffered. The fact that all the images disappeared suddenly for some strange reason, and that there was no one-click way to restore them, didn't help counter the inertia when I started to feel uncomfortable about how little log my blog was becoming...

Since I last posted, I have been involved in a Solvency II project which, though ultimately very satisfying, was a challenge like none I had ever faced at work before. For a narrative of this project, from the perspective of change management, see our presentation at Agile on the Beach.

Otherwise, I also became a father for the first time, of twins!

During the same period of radio silence, I also attended a Cognitive Edge Cynefin foundations course, read some good books (including Continuous Delivery and The Lean Startup) and continued to build the agile consulting service at Qualogy.

My current contract is a step into the unknown for me, I am coaching (Kanban) at a company that provides platforms and infrastructure as a service. Exciting virtualised cloudy kinda stuff. This will certainly provide me plenty to blog about as I turn more and more to Lean to get me through the day. Topics I intend to blog on in the near future will include teams as complex adaptive systems (based on a definition of CAS as offered by Paul Cilliers in "Complexity & Postmodernism"), scrumban as solution for the enterprise and (automated) testing as a merciless and pervasive spotlight on quality.

To fresh beginnings and instructive ruminations!

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